Breed: Beagle

Age: Adult

Sex: F

Size: S
Nov. 16th - Daisy is available for adoption. She is &#;special needs&#; because she has a chronic non-contagious skin problem requiring regular bathing with a medicated shampoo. See Medical Needs below.

DAISY is an incredibly cute and sweet small Beagle girl. She weighs about 18 lbs and is about 5-6 years old. When she was picked up as a stray she is was in such bad condition that at first both shelter and vet thought she was a senior. But after almost 2 months of treatments, Daisy&#;s real age showed in her spunk, her energy, and her exuberant Joie de Vivre!

Daisy loves to cuddle, get stroked and brushed. She follows her nose outside so must be kept safe on leash. She loves to explore and take in all that goes on outside and is surprisingly undisturbed by cold weather. She gets along well with dogs and cats, and loves people, though she is shy with new people until they charm her with treats or chin scritches :0) Daisy will occasionally race around, act very goofy, and play with tennis balls; she also plays with the other small dogs but is understandably careful around the big guys. She would do better in a small dog household. Though she is small and not very vocal for her breed, she is a good alarm dog and her Beagle Arooo is big for her size so an apartment would not do for this little girl.

History: We think Daisy escaped from a puppy mill. Her teeth worn down to below the gum line speak of hours of frantically trying to escape a pen or kennel, and the vet who spayed her said she had an &#;old uterus&#;, meaning she had had multiple pregnancies already. She had also had at least one caesarian birth. That&#;s all over for this adorable little sweetie, as she makes up for it now at full speed!

ADOPTION: Daisy is available to be "fostered-to-adopt" now. This means that a forever home can be found and she can go live there, and the adoption will simply be finalized after her dental surgery. All treatment costs will be covered by the rescue through fundraising.

Medical needs: Daisy needs another session of dental extractions. Also, she has chronic seborrhea, a non-contagious skin condition which means she needs regular baths with a shampoo like Nizoral. She also has a Grade 2 heart murmur, which does not slow her down one bit and did not cause her any problems at all during her first set of extractions.

More pics and videos of Daisy are in her album - just click on the following link. More coming as time permits!

Daisy's picture album

Daisy is fostered in the Ottawa-Cornwall area. If you are interested in adopting her, please email us for information and an adoption application.

If you cannot foster or adopt, please consider a contribution to help with ever increasing vet bills for our dogs ... any amount is appreciated! Here is the current Chip-In you can use. There are several other ways to donate, please see our Petfinder home page for details or email us at

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Contact: Blue Moon Rescue | Ottawa, ON