Breed: Basenji

Age: Young

Sex: F

Size: M
***April 20th&#; LIZZIE has a great foster home that will see her through her surgery. They will also have the option of adopting her so Lizzie is not available for adoption at this time. Lizzie is the last in line in terms of the urgency of her surgery, so this will not happen till this Summer or Fall, depending on how many funds are raised at our various events. Fingers crossed!***

LIZZIE is a sweet, exotically pretty medium-sized girl with fabulous ears! It&#;s really hard to determine her breed mix. The stand-up ears and wrinkled forehead do say Basenji but her personality is not Basenji-like. We think she is a MUTT, the best kind! Lizzie is about 1 1/2 years old and is quite small at about 30 lbs.

Lizzie is affectionate and friendly with people and dogs, fine with cats, and adores children. She is potty trained. She is well-mannered in the house. She does not like crating at all but can be otherwise contained to prevent chewing when you are out. Lizzie is not vocal except when she is playing with her doggie buddies and wants to get them going. She is a wonderful girl to train and spend time with cuddling. She has been trained to run beside a bicycle.

ADOPTION: Lizzie is available to be "fostered-to-adopt" now. This means that a forever home can be found and she can go live there, and the adoption will simply be finalized after her surgery. All treatment costs will be covered by our rescue through fundraising. Our vet will gladly coach you on the post-op care! Lizzie&#;s rehab should take about 6 months.

Both our own vet and the specialist recommend the same surgery that Sammy needs: removal of the head of the thigh bone (femoral head excision) This is not cheap so we will need to finish raising funds for her. We will set up a Chip-In for her as soon as possible.


- one with a fenced yard

- one with a doggie buddy, and with people who are only gone part time

- one who can provide her approx. 6-month rehab exercise

- one who can provide quality life long nutrition and lots of daily exercise after the rehab is over.

More pics of Lizzie are in her album - just click on the following link. More coming as time permits!

Lizzie's picture album

History: It wasn&#;t until Lizzie had been here about a month, playing hard with her doggie friends, that we noticed her limping and in pain. The vet took X-rays, which show very old and extensive damage to the joint between her right femur (thigh) and hip. Pics of the X-rays are in her album. Because Lizzie is light, young, and otherwise in good health, surgery has every chance of being successful we cannot deny her this chance to live pain free and to be more active.

Lizzie is fostered in the Ottawa-Cornwall area. For information and an adoption application, please contact us!

If you cannot foster or adopt, please consider a contribution to help with ever increasing vet bills for our dogs ... any amount is appreciated! Here is the current Chip-In you can use. There are several other ways to donate, please see our Petfinder home page for details or email us at

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Contact: Blue Moon Rescue | Ottawa, ON