Price: $375

Provice: Ontario
City: Finch
Type: Pets

Breed: Rat Terrier Chihuahua

Age: Young

Sex: F

Size: S
***Pics to come - PRAIRIE IS AT "MEET THE PACK RESCUE " IN KINGSTON. AWAITING HER PERFECT HOME IN A LOVING FAMILY. Please do not contact Blue Moon Rescue about this dog, email for more info***

Sweet , bashful, silly, gentle and devoted are just a few great ways to discribe this great little girl. Prairie is a little chihuahua x terrier. (Many more pic's apon request.)*** . PRAIRIE IS BEING FOSTERED IN KINGSTON FOR "NICQUENUM RESCUE". AWAITING AN ACTIVE FAMILY WITH A FENCED YARD AND ANOTHER PLAYFUL POOCH TO KEEP HER BUSY.***

This adorrible , spunky, charming girl is a sweet 10 month old Rat terrier mix. She needs a home with another active, playful dog or 2 in it. Prairie gets her confidance from other dogs.... but boy does she love kids. Prairie is sometimes unsure of strange men or teenage boy and will sometimes bark at them. Prairie is still very much a puppy and requires supervission when loose inside and outside. We have crate trained her, so she is still crated at night and when we are out as she does still chew kids toys or things she might find laying around . Prairie is well on her way to being fully house broken, but does still have accidents sometimes.

Prairie is leash trained and travels well in the car. Prairie is not high prey drive like most terriers. She lives with a cat, gerbal and budgies as well as 2 other former rescue dogs, in her current foster home. Prairie is not a barker, but does alert to someone at the door. She also likes to wimper and "talk" to us, but we do not encourage that. Prairie is active and does require regular dayly walks and good rough play with another dog . She loves the dog park as well.

Prairie came into rescue from a high kill pound in the USA. She was a stray, so we have no back ground on her. Prairie has been in foster care here for 4 months now though and we have enjoyed getting to know this goofy puppies antics. PRAIRIE IS NOW SPAYED, VACCINATED, DEWORMED AND HAS ADVANTAGE MULTI APPLIED. ADOPTIN FEE IS $375.00. WE DO REQUIRE AN APPLICATION, VET REFFERENCE AND HOME CHECK.

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